Smartmi Early Prime Day Deals on Purifiers and Filters

It’s never a bad time to get an air purifier, and Smartmi is offering more discounts on their popular P1 model, as well as generous offers on the filters too. By applying a US$53 coupon you can bring the price down to just US$106.99. The P1 in both silver and dark grey are currently listed on Amazon for US$159.99 (down from US$179.99).

We’ve reviewed quite a few HomeKit-compatible air purifiers over the last few years, and the one model that has so far currently been solidly reliable is the Smartmi P1. The good news is that if you don’t have an air purifier for your home, so with this model now on sale on Amazon with a very significant discount, this is probably the best time to get yourself one of the best HomeKit compatible air purifiers on the market. You can check out our video review of the P1 below;

You’ve got a purifier, but you need spare filters too, right? Well, Smartmi is also offering a great deal on these too, effectively with two filters for the price of one, priced at US$39.99 for two. This deal applies to both the Pollen filter and the Pet filter. To get this deal, simply add two filters to your cart, and the price will come to just the price of one filter.

Both deals are live now and will end on 07/18/23 at 11:59pm (PST).

Finally, the company’s latest product, namely the Rainforest Evaporative Humidifier, is finally available on for US$299.99. The device is intended to simulate the natural evaporation of rain, whilst also offering a stylish and futuristic design. The 3-litre water tank of the Smartmi Rainforest humidifier is filled with water directly via the display on the top and distributes the water in the form of droplets during operation, visible inside the device. Humidification should last up to 15 hours. The 4-segment light ring shows the water level in real time.