Eve Announce New Products and Features

There have been some question marks over how Eve would be moving forward in the smart home space since its acquisition by ABB, but judging by the latest raft of announcements, any concerns seem to be unwarranted.


The first new product is the Eve Thermo Control, designed to work with Eve Thermo. This allows your heating to be optimised automatically according to the temperature at your preferred location within the room, wherever you choose to place the Thermo Control unit. The incorporated high-contrast display enables easy viewing of the present temperature instantly, while the built-in touch controls allow you to make convenient adjustments with just a simple tap. Eve Thermo Control ships beginning Nov 14th.


With Eve Play, the company is venturing into the realm of audio for the very first time, focusing on seamless incorporation into the Apple Home ecosystem. Ev Play is a premium audio streaming interface meticulously designed to integrate flawlessly with AirPlay 2. Housed in an acclaimed design, this top-tier audio adapter links your stereo systems to your home network, enabling effortless music streaming directly from your Apple devices. As a result, your own Hi-Fi system takes centre stage in your multi-room arrangement and becomes part of your smart home as well.


Through a complimentary firmware update to Matter, Eve MotionBlinds acquires several fresh capabilities: Adaptive Shading intelligently dims your room based on the sun’s position and your window’s alignment. This feature can be effortlessly set up using the Eve app on your iPhone or iPad. Additionally, by incorporating Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, or Google Home as a secondary platform, your entire household gains immediate control via their preferred voice assistant or app. To take advantage of the convenience of intelligent shading, you can update your current blinds with the new Eve MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit for Roller Blinds, featuring Matter compatibility, which will be available starting November 14.

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