ZemiSmart Release Matter Switch Module

As we progress into the second half of 2023, signs of Matter-enabled devices continue to surface from a variety of sources. One such source is from ZemiSmart, who have already released the first Matter over Thread Curtain system, alongside a Matter bulb, and a roller shade motor. Now the company are holding pre-sales for their newest device, the Matter over WiFi Smart Switch Module.

This – if you’re not aware of such a device – sits between a regular light switch and the wires to power the switch, thereby allowing you to control power to the lights remotely or via automations and scenes, all whilst keeping your standard switches in place. It does require a neutral wire, but it’s capable of controlling two switches (presumably in a single gang).

Additionally, it would seem the switch can even be used in a three-way switch to control a set of lights controlled by two sets of switches in separate locations.

The unit itself, which appears designed more for European switch boxes, also comes with two buttons for both pairing and direct control, although how you would use this whilst also keeping the wires safely kept out of reach is another thing. Whilst the shape doesn’t seem as suited for use in North American homes, the device itself is capable of working with 100~240V AC at 50/60Hz, so it’ll work pretty much anywhere.

Zemismart is currently selling this device on their website for just US$14.90 (40% off) plus shipping, so it would appear to be a bargain if you’re looking to keep your existing light fittings in place but want them to be smart too.

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