Smartmi Launch Evaporative Humidifier with Siri Shortcuts Support

Smartmi today introduced its latest device, the Evaporative Humidifier 3, featuring mist-free natural humidification, a 5-litre water reservoir, high-efficiency humidification at 350ml/h, intelligent controls, and virtually silent operation. Smartmi’s evaporative system replicates natural humidity, with mist-free humidification technology, carefully dispersing pure water onto the evaporator, which in turn creates an ultra-thin water film covering up to 2.11 square metres. A cross-flow fan positioned above the evaporator accelerates water evaporation, ensuring consistent humidification.

Unlike many recent devices from the company, the Evaporative Humidifier 3 is not HomeKit compatible. However, it can be added to either the company’s own Smartmi app, as well as Xiaomi’s Mi Home app, which is compatible with Siri Shortcuts.

To maintain cleanliness, integrated air drying technology activates automatically for 3 hours when water levels run low, eliminating the risk of harmful bacterial growth in stagnant water. This proactive approach prevents mould and odours while promoting long-term hygienic operation.

The Evaporative Humidifier 3 provides up to 14.2 hours of uninterrupted hydration to sizeable spaces. Its built-in pump guarantees a consistent flow of water onto the evaporator, ensuring a continuous moisture output of up to 350 ml/h. The top-fill design allows easy-access refilling during operation, eliminating the need to pause humidification. The Evaporative Humidifier 3 incorporates a high-precision sensor for real-time water level monitoring and offers a transparent viewing window on the water tank’s side. Users can set their desired humidity level, monitor it remotely via the Mi Home app, and seamlessly integrate it with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, as well as control almost all functions and features via Siri Shortcuts, once set up.

The device’s noise levels are below 50dB, allowing the Evaporative Humidifier 3 to run throughout the day and night. Its LED display automatically dims in sleep mode too.

The Evaporative Humidifier 3 introduces a constant humidity mode, allowing users to adjust optimal humidity levels between 30% and 60% in automatic mode, to maintain a comfortable environment. The separation of electronic components at the top and the water tank at the bottom prevents leaks from reaching electrical components. For safety and spill prevention, the humidifier features an automatic shut-off when the tank is removed and a child lock function.

Pricing and Availability The groundbreaking Smartmi Evaporative Humidifier 3 will debut in the CIS, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions in September 2023, with prices starting at $169. For more information and notifications regarding availability in your area, please visit

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