Aqara FP2 Update Adds Sleep Monitoring Functionality

Since the last product release from Aqara – the Dual Relay T2 – you could argue it’s been a little quiet of late, but with a new firmware update to the company’s Presence Sensor FP2, the company are breathing new life into one of their amazing devices.

If you’re not already aware of the FP2, it’s a presence sensor that can detect the ‘presence’ of someone, even if they’re not moving, which differentiates it from a standard motion sensor that relies on movement. Add to that, the FP2’s field of detection able to be broken down into up to thirty zones, each essentially acting as presence sensors for a particular area or zone, and then you get a hint at the power of this device.

Whilst the FP2 has always been able to detect presence or fall detection, depending on how you mount it (wall or ceiling, respectively), the company now has an option via the latest update, for Sleep Monitoring. As the blurb states on the update page;

Add[s] a new sleep monitoring function section, which can achieve 24-hour, non-contact monitoring of sleep status and vital signs of individual human targets, including sleep staging reports, real-time heart rate and respiratory rate monitoring, and sleep scenario automation.

This does sound like a big deal, and to reflect this, it would appear that whilst it’s free to use right now (“Limited Free”), it will likely be a paid option at a later date.

The update does seem to be available on the China server, although after checking our unit tied to the US server, it doesn’t seem it’s available just yet. We’ve not updated our Chinese FP2 as it’s currently in use as a presence sensor, but if you’re game for testing out this new feature, let us know your findings!

The Aqara FP2 is available in most Amazon stores to purchase now.

You can check out our review of the FP2 HERE, or watch our overview video below;

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