Netatmo (Finally) Releases its First Smart Lock

Netatmo today released its first smart lock for Eurocylinder-style doors, in what can only be described as a long wait for, well, not much to show for it. First announced way back in (I kid you not) January of 2020, the lock is now available to buy from the company’s online store in selected regions, for €379.99, with a single additional key for €39.99, or a 3-pack for €99.99, saving you around €20. Three keys are already included in the package.

You might think that’s a steep price to pay, and given the lack of features currently available with many other smart locks at around half the price, you’d be right. To start things off, however, here are the main features;

Use a Smart Key or your smartphone to lock or unlock the door
A lock that meets the strictest security certifications and tamper-proof, non-duplicable keys.
Deactivate a lost or stolen Key and add new Keys from inside the app
Send your guests a smartphone invite, which then acts as a key, from wherever you are
Compatible with all doors equipped with a Euro cylinder.
Over a year of battery life and a micro USB backup connection.
A single Smart Key for multiple Door Locks
A standalone product with no hidden fees.
Apple HomeKit compatibility to create smart connections with other devices

So as you can see, it offers some neat security features and certainly appears to be very well made, as well as being Apple Home compatible. Due to it being largely a retrofit option, it would allow renters to fit it without remodelling the door, or even take the lock with them upon moving home. However, it doesn’t currently come with a separate keypad option, it doesn’t have Apple HomeKey, and it even uses Bluetooth 4.2, which is odd considering how long Bluetooth 5.0 and later have been out, not to mention Thread! The included keys do use NFC, but I get the sneaking feeling that this lock wouldn’t get an upgrade to Apple HomeKey, as much as I’d like to be wrong on this count.

In its defence, the lock does deliver the goods in terms of hardware security;

Compliant with the most stringent requirements that guarantee your home the highest level of mechanical and electronic security, in accordance with standard EN15684. It is designed to protect you from physical break-in attempts such as picking, drilling, pulling, cutting and hammering. The cylinder, designed by Netatmo, is made from highly durable stainless steel, reinforced with an anti-drilling pad and 3 security pins for optimum protection.

With HomeKit compatibility, along with the option to use Netatmo’s own app, the lock can be set to a locked or unlocked state, while the mortice lock remains in its original position, albeit unlocked. This means that while the physical lock doesn’t turn, it can be remotely placed in an unlocked state through a signal from your phone or via remote access. For instance, if you want to grant access to someone while you’re away, you can remotely set the lock to be unlocked, and the visitor can simply turn the external doorknob to enter. Similar to many other locks, this one uses Bluetooth to connect to Apple HomeKit, with NFC data stored locally on the lock itself.

The lock relies on four AAA batteries, with a claimed battery life of up to two years according to the company. In case the batteries unexpectedly run out, you can temporarily power the lock using a micro USB cable (micro USB in 2023, really?), presumably connected to a portable battery pack (though carrying one with you all the time is not necessarily practical). The dedicated lock app from Netatmo also issues a warning when the battery levels are low.

Depending on your location, you can order the lock from Netatmo’s own store today, or perhaps wait until Aqara delivers its own retrofit option early in 2024…

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