New Ikea Sensors For Dirigera Hub Due in 2024

Sensors aren’t always the most interesting device category, despite being extremely useful, but if you’re a fan of Ikea products and their low prices, they’re expanding their smart home product range with three new sensors to enhance home safety. Here’s a brief overview of the new sensors;

Parasoll (Door and Window Sensor) – This sensor is designed to monitor doors and windows, alerting homeowners to any unauthorized entry or potential security breaches. It provides an extra layer of security to your home by notifying you of any unexpected openings.
Vallhorn (Motion Sensor) – The Vallhorn motion sensor helps detect movement within its range, which is useful for security and automation purposes. It can trigger actions or alerts based on detected motion, making it a valuable component of a smart security system.
Badring (Leak Sensor) – The Badring sensor is designed to protect your home from water leaks, particularly from appliances like washing machines. If it detects any water leaks, it can send alerts to your smartphone, allowing you to take quick action to prevent or address potential water damage.

Whilst further details on these devices are scarce at the moment, it’s likely all three will use Zigbee 3.0 for communication, via the Dirigera hub.

These new security products complement Ikea’s existing Smart Home range, which includes smart bulbs, curtains, and speakers. They’re designed to work with Ikea’s Dirigera hub, which allows users to control and monitor their smart home devices through a mobile app as well as third-party platforms including Apple HomeKit of course.

All three sensors are reportedly going to be available for purchase in stores and online from January 2024 (the leak sensor will be following on in April), ranging from around US$10 ~ US$12 according to our sources, which undercuts pretty much all the other sensors in terms of price, although you still need to factor in at least one Dirigera hub of course.

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