More Matter Products on the Horizon From Govee in 2024

Govee is staking its claim to Matter at CES this year, with two updates to their existing products, but with Matter compatibility included. The company are also keen to expand beyond light too…

After debuting the AI Gaming Sync Box Kit at CES the year previous, Govee is launching the Govee AI Sync Box Kit 2. This updated model supports resolutions up to 8K, providing a 4K @ 120Hz gaming experience coupled with dynamic lighting synchronisation. Powering this is Govee’s CogniGlow AI recognition technology, enabling automatic activation of tailored lighting effects based on in-game content, delivering a personalised gaming experience. The system integrates with Govee Home, Alexa, and Google Assistant for broad compatibility and easy control, with an upcoming OTA update later this year to make it Matter-compatible, which would then also allow it to work with Apple Home.

In addition to this, Govee is introducing a refreshed version of of their Neon Rope light, aptly named the Neon Rope Light 2. Boasting improved and smoother RGBIC lighting effects, the Neon Rope Light 2 comes equipped with upgraded bend clips and a more flexible material, allowing users to shape the light to their desired design. Govee has also introduced a novel way to customise lighting effects through the Govee Home app, utilizing shape recognition by the camera to apply various DIY lighting effects across different segments. Available in either black and white finishes, the Neon Rope Light 2 will offer Matter compatibility for a more complete smart control experience.

Established as an autonomous brand, GoveeLife is directing its focus towards smart home appliances. GoveeLife is unveiling its own Matter-Certified Smart Plug Pro, providing users with the ability to exercise cross-platform control over any smart home device. This device will almost certainly be Matter over WiFi, but we’ll be pleasantly surprised if they spring Thread on us! The company also have an updated version of their motion sensor debuting at CES 2024, although details on whether it’ll also be a Matter enabled device, is still unclear.

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