Holomarq Releases Its Own ‘Find My’ Smart Tag

You might recall Holomarq as the company to release the first Thread-enabled latch lock that came out last summer. Now the company are moving into other areas of home and personal security, with the release of their ‘Holotag’ smart key fob that’s specifically designed to work with Apple’s ‘Find My’ app. The Holotag can be placed with pretty much any item you might have, from obvious things like your keys, wallet, or handbag, to less common use cases, including attaching one to your dog’s collar, or place within your luggage when you travel abroad. All of these options allow you to track and trace the Holotag using the Find My app, which is exclusive to Apple.

The Holotag uses a standard CR2032 coin battery, like Apple’s own Airtags, and although it’s unable to make use of Apple Ultra Wideband feature for accurate locating, the speaker is arguable louder. It also comes complete with its own built-in keyring, so there’s no need to purchase a separate holder for this purpose.

Even though the Holotag isn’t a smart home device as such, it can be used with Siri Shortcuts to a degree, based on things like your location, for example. Holotag is available in both Black or White finishes, and is also selling in either a single pack, two pack, or a four pack for US$12.99, US$28.99 (US$5.00 off with coupon), or US$48.99 (US$5.00 off with coupon) respectively.

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