Nanoleaf’s Outdoor String Lights Now Available

First announced at CES 2024, Nanoleaf’s outdoor string lights are now available to preorder from the company’s own website. Designed to illuminate your outdoor spaces, Nanoleaf’s Smart Multicolour Outdoor String Lights are arriving just in time for summer when you might think about finally spending some of your evening outdoors.

These new outdoor lights come at a time when LiFX have also announce their own offering, that makes use of their polychrome technology, which allows each bulb to display multiple colours. Nanoleaf’s own take does offer the full gamut of 6 million colours, but the colours are on a bulb by bulb basis.

These are compatible with Apple Home of course, as well as being Matter enabled, so you can use them on any platform as long as you also have a Matter Controller as part of your setup. These use 2.4GHz WiFi, so there’s no requirement for a Thread Border Router, which is something you need for the company’s Essentials lineup.

Each bulb is RGBW, meaning it’s capable of not only the full range of colours, but cool and warm whites too. They do not utilise Apple’s Adaptive Lighting technology, however, but considering outdoor lighting would typically only be used at night, there seems little need for this Apple exclusive feature. They also work with Razer Chroma, so if you happen to have an outdoor gaming setup, this may work for you. Due to them being designed for outdoor use, they do have IP ratings, with the controller set at IP67, and the lights at IP65.

The string lights come in two ‘Smarter’ pack options, the basic 15 metre kit, that comprises 1 set of string lights with 20 indivudual bulbs (US$129.99), or the 30 metre kit with 40 bulb (US$199.99), with each coming complete with controller and power supply. You can also purchase an extension pack consisting of the same 15 metre kit, minus the controller and power supply for US$99.99. One controller can support a maximum of 60 bulbs, which would equate to the 40 bulb smarter kit and the 20 bulb extension pack.

These new outdoor lights are available to order via the company’s website, but make use of the special 10% off code – OSL10 to save a little money.

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