New Matter Multicolour LED Strip From Nanoleaf Announced

Canadian smart lighting specialists Nanoleaf today posted a new video to their YouTube channel, announcing a new Matter light strip. The new strip, part of the company’s Essentials line, differs from the previous iterations in a couple of significant ways.

First off the bat, whilst it’s Matter compatible, it does not use Thread. Instead, the company has opted for Matter over WiFi, which is sure to be a disappointment to many. What is does offer in exchange for this is the option to have multiple colours along the strip, which sits at 16.4ft/ 5m in length. Each metre houses 60 LEDs, which brings the total amount of LEDs to 300. It can be cuttable, but there’s no smaller option available, it seems. The strip has a cutting line every six LEDs.

The new strip also sports a brand new controller to reflect some of these additional features, like music mode, alongside power and brightness options.

Due to Matter support, it will of course work with Apple Home, and even though it can produce cool to warm whites, in addition to the standard 16 million colours, it won’t be able to use Adaptive Lighting, due to this feature being an Apple Home exclusive. It offers 550lm per metre, which is pretty decent as well.

Strangely enough, even though this new product was announced on their YouTube channel, there’s no sign of it on the US Nanoleaf store (as far as we’re aware at the time of writing), although it is listed on the company’s German site (thanks Yannic) for €69,99.

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