Eve Release Updated EU Wall Switch With Thread

Eve has done what many have been anticipating and updated their Eve Switch (the EU version) with a new generation that supports Thread. This, as far as we’re aware, is the first Thread enabled light switch for any smart platform, let alone HomeKit, and once again puts Eve centre stage with the advancement of Thread in conjunction with HomeKit.

Prior to the release of the HomePod Mini, which could also be considered the ‘live birth’ of Thread for HomeKit, Eve’s products were, in the main, Bluetooth-based, which whilst freeing up your WiFi network, also meant slower response times in general. Now that Thread is seeping into many of Eve’s product line (at least the Bluetooth products), new life and new interest has been breathed into the company’s lineup of products.

Because the Eve Switch is constantly powered, it essentially becomes one of the devices that expands the Thread network in your home (referred to as a Thread Router), as opposed to a battery-powered Thread device, which isn’t capable of furthering the Thread mesh network (referred to as end routers). In contrast, the HomePod Mini, currently the only Thread enabled Apple device, is referred to as a Border Router. You can read more about this via this link;

In terms of the specs for the switch, it’s designed for the EU, so the power input is 230 V~ 50 / 60 Hz, Max. 5 A / 1150 W. It uses Thread, but if you don’t have a HomePod Mini, then it can still use regular Bluetooth. The size is also standard for the EU, at 85 x 85 x 41 mm. The Eve Switch also requires a neutral wire, which is still less common than it should be, and the Eve Switch is not compatible with existing switch plates, so you would have to use the one that comes with the switch itself.

The Eve Switch is not cheap, however, coming in a €99,95 for just one. You can find out more about the new switch at Eve.com