Onvis K1 2m Light Strip Now Available

Onvis have just released the two-metre version of their brand new LED light strip, the K1, or Kameleon, to give it its more friendly name. We’ve just posted a special ‘sneak peek’ video to outline the strip’s capabilities (see below), but essentially, the K1 comes in two sizes – 2m and 5m – with both strips capable of displaying multiple colours at once.

The strips are also capable of allowing the user to ‘paint’ the strip, meaning you can assign a different colour to each separate zone, or ‘unit’ as Onvis prefer to call them. The 2m variant has 20 separate units, whilst the 5m has a whopping 50 individually colourable units, with each unit containing 3 RGB LEDs.

The Strip is also capable of other special colour modes, via the company’s own Onvis Home app, although they have informed us that user-created scenes will be exposed to HomeKit – as Scenes. The app currently has six slots to store these scenes, although that will hopefully increase. The 2m version is currently available for the special introductory price of $45.99, with the normal retail price, when it hits Amazon in the US and Germany, being $49.99.

We’ll be posting a full in-depth video and written review soon, but you can buy the strip direct from their store via this link – https://bit.ly/2QCbxde