US Eve Energy With Thread Support Now Available*

Germany smart home leader Eve Systems have quietly released their latest Thread enabled device, the Eve Energy, an update to the company’s previous iteration of their smart plug, which relied solely on Bluetooth for connectivity. This follows on from the release of the EU version of their smart plug, that got the Thread update last month, with the UK variant also apparently close to release.

The new plug, priced at US$39.95 on seems to have already sold out* of its initial stock, such is the pull of Thread devices, of which currently there are still relatively few, with the lions share being by Eve themselves. Currently, the company offer Thread in the following products;

  • Eve Aqua (2nd gen)
  • Eve Door & Window (3rd gen)
  • Eve Energy EU (4th gen)
  • Eve Energy US (4th gen)
  • Eve Energy UK (3rd gen)
  • Eve Light Switch EU (2nd gen)
  • Eve Thermo (4th gen)
  • Eve Weather (2nd gen)

Nanoleaf are currently the only other company who have Thread enabled devices that work with HomeKit, the Essentials Light Bulb and Essentials Light Strip.