Terncy Release Dual Mode Ceiling Light For HomeKit

Shanghai-based smart home company Terncy (also known as Xiaoyan), has unveiled the latest device in a lineup of lighting products, namely the Beevon Smart Ceiling Light. Not unlike the recently announced Aqara L1, the Beevon uses Zigbee 3.0 for communication and works with Apple HomeKit. The Beevon support warm to cool whites, so no colour option in this case, with the lamp capable of covering  2800-6500K.

Because it uses Zigbee, like the Aqara, it uses a hub for it to work and get itself exposed to HomeKit. However, as with some of their other recent product releases, the Beevon actually offers dual methods of communication, with the other method being Bluetooth 5.0. Whilst many of us are aware that Bluetooth isn’t the fastest way of communication in the smart home world these days, what it does offer in this case, is the chance to try out devices like this and others in the company’s catalogue, before investing in the Zigbee hub. Even without the hub, and only relying on Bluetooth, the lamp can still be exposed to HomeKit, without any extra hardware. Additionally, because it’s hardwired, and not battery operated, in theory, the Bluetooth receiver has no requirement to go into low power mode(to preserve battery life) when not used for a while, and so should be generally more responsive than battery-operated Bluetooth products.

Still, the hub in its latest iteration (if you’re not averse to hubs) is something of a rarity in HomeKit, as not only does it funnel Terncy devices to HomeKit, but is also a certified AirPlay 2 device, with a 1/4″ audio out port, so it’s two devices in one, if you have a speaker or amp that can plug into it.

The other major plus for this new light fitting is that it is compatible with Apple’s Adaptive Lighting system, allowing the colour temperature of the lamp to change over the course of a day.

the Beevon is offered in two diameters – 300 or 400mm (11.81 or 15.75in) and is only 24mm/0.94in deep, with a flat surface for the light diffusion enclosure, and a plain white ring surround. Although the current model only supports 220-240v, the company will be releasing a 110-120v ‘Premier’ version later in Taiwan (and hopefully elsewhere) that will work for regions like Japan and of course North America.

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