Ev Outdoor Cam

Keep a close eye on your home around the clock. Eve Outdoor Cam packs advanced technology into a sleek metal enclosure and is designed exclusively for Apple HomeKit Secure Video, built from the ground up to keep your data secure and your private space safe.

USPs: 100% privacy: HomeKit Secure Video I Dimmable floodlight I Rich notifications I People/pet/vehicle detection I Package detection I 157° field of view with night vision

Designed exclusively for HomeKit Secure Video.

When you view the video stream from your Eve Outdoor Cam while out and about, you communicate back to base directly over an end-to-end encrypted connection. Your camera’s live stream never reaches the cloud – not even the iCloud. You choose what and when you want to record – Apple TV or HomePod then take over the task of analyzing in the privacy of your own four walls whether it’s a person, pet, vehicle, or package in the picture.

The happenings are only recorded, encrypted, and stored in your iCloud once your recording criteria are met. And only your personal devices have the key to unlocking these recordings.

Get instant, rich notifications.

Receive notifications on your iPhone the moment motion is detected, and keep your home safe from intruders. That way you can take immediate action if there’s an unwanted visitor and record evidence at the same time. And by leveraging your home hub’s facial recognition capabilities, you’ll be notified when people you’ve tagged in the Photos app enter the field of view so you know exactly who’s at your door.

Customize notifications and recordings.

Choose when you want to be notified and if you want to make recordings whenever something is up or only if people, pets, vehicles, or packages are detected. The video footage is analyzed securely in your home by your home hub, not in any cloud. Recordings are saved for ten days in your iCloud and then deleted automatically. If you want to hold on to a recording, you have the option to save it permanently.

Two-way communication.

Not at home, and the courier wants to know where to drop the delivery? No problem! With the built-in microphone and speaker, you can say where to put your package.

Your dependable first line of defence.

With a wide 157° field of view and night vision, Eve Outdoor Cam keeps a close eye on everything day and night – and in pin-sharp detail with HD live video streaming and recording. Thanks to a dedicated motion sensor, Eve Outdoor Cam won’t bother you with reacting to leaves blowing in the wind, small animals, and other events that don’t require your attention.

Turn night into day.

Eve Outdoor Cam turns on the built-in floodlight automatically the moment the motion sensor detects activity. Set if, when, and for how long you want the dimmable floodlight to illuminate the space, and use the Eve app to turn on the light boost when you want it to shine extra-bright.

HomeKit Secure Video requires iCloud+.

HomeKit Secure Video requires iCloud+ (not included). iCloud+ with 50 GB storage supports one camera, iCloud+ with 200 GB storage supports up to five cameras, and iCloud+ with 2 TB storage supports an unlimited number of cameras.