Airversa Purelle Air Purifier

The Airversa Purelle Smart Air Purifier isn’t any ordinary device, despite its classic minimalist looks. The Purelle uses a brand new wireless protocol called Thread, that’s designed – in coordination with any other Thread devices in your home – to take some of the stress out of both your Wi-Fi router – and YOU!

It doesn’t end there, however, as you get a premium device for a budget, with a smart home product that is literally brimming with features – all at your fingertips, via the Purelle’s clear digital display. the touchscreen is designed for simple control as well as keep you informed on the quality of the air in your home, to keep your family’s health in check, all with the smart capabilities offered by Apple Home and Thread.

The Purelle’s large digital display gives you everything you need to keep air quality in check, so you can protect your family’s health with just a quick glance.

Fan Speed – 5 speeds, including Auto and Sleep modes
Timers – Set the Purelle to automatically turn off after between 1-24hrs in 1hr increments
Child Lock Prevents your toddler from inadvertently activating the Purelle
Air Quality – Large numbers display the PM2.5 levels
On/Off Control – Turn the Purelle on or off directly from the screen
Filter Life – View the remaining life of the filters and get alerts when they need replacing
Connection – Check to make sure your Purelle is connected to your Thread network
LED Ring – A large colour ring surrounds the display, changing colour depending on the quality of the surrounding air

If you’re building up your smart home, many of the devices offered today will use 2.4GHz Wi-Fi for connectivity. However, It only takes a small collection of Wi-Fi smart bulbs and smart plugs before your home network begins to creak under the strain of all these connected devices, vying for your router’s resources.

Purelle deals with this by utilising Thread, a brand new wireless protocol that takes the strain away from your Wi-Fi network, and creating what can be described as a special Mesh Network, separate from Wi-Fi. As you add more Thread devices to this network, it actually becomes more robust, and more reliable, as well as seeing fast response times.

To utilize Thread with Apple HomeKit, all you need is a Thread Border Router – currently a HomPod mini, or an Apple TV 4K (2021+ model). The Purelle will connect to one of these routers and other Thread devices to spread and enhance your Thread network. If you don’t have one of these, you can still use the Purelle via Bluetooth.

Model name
AP2 Purelle

Rated input voltage
100~240VAC @ 50/60Hz

Rated power

Standby power

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)
130 CFM | 221m³/h

Noise level

Optimal room size
300 sq. ft | 28m²

Working temperature
4~104ºF | 0~40ºC

Typical filter life
3,000 hrs

Replacement filter ASIN

Product weight
6.53lb | 2.96kg

Product dimensions
8.66 x 8.66 x 13.58in | 220 x 220 x 345mm (LWH)