ZemiSmart Release First WiFi Curtain Motor for HomeKit

In the last 8 months or so, ZemiSmart has come from a virtual unknown entity to HomeKit users, to reasonably wide recognition, thanks in large part to its Zigbee 3.0 HomeKit hub. This pretty much exposed a ton of the company’s Zigbee devices to HomeKit where previously they were restricted to Amazon and Google users. Still, when it comes to hubs, there’s a large portion of smart home users that aren’t too keen on yet another hub (I’m not one of them). Now ZemiSmart has taken the first step in providing products that don’t require a hub, whilst also being HomeKit compatible, with the WiFi version of their smart Curtain motor.

To be clear, this is not a WiFi version of their battery-powered curtain driver we reviewed a while back, that travels along your curtain rail or rod, but in fact, a complete curtain system that includes the mains-powered motor and tracking, plus hooks for your curtains. this means that it’s a more involved installation.

The benefits of this are that the motor is consistently quieter than the aforementioned drivers, at below 30dB, faster opening and closing operation, due to mains electricity powering the motor, and the option to control two curtains with one motor, as opposed to the two drivers required for a pair of curtains. ZemiSmart already offer a Zigbee version of this product, for those that want to make use of a hub they already have, or just want to keep WiFi devices to a minimum, but they essentially do the same job.

The only issue with a mains-powered battery of this type is having a power outlet within reach of the power cable, which itself is only 750mm/28.15in long. The good news is that the company offer a power cable for the US, the UK, Australia, and Europe. Different lengths of rail are also offered that come in sections, and there’s even the option to have rails that curve at 90º if necessary.

Curtain motors of this type aren’t new of course, with Aqara offering a Zigbee and WiFi version of their own, one of which even comes with a rechargeable and removable battery. However, the WiFi version, of which a new one has just been launched in China, is not HomeKit compatible.

Pricing for the WiFi ZemiSmart Curtain motor starts at US$149.69 for a 2.1 metre/82.6 inch long curtain track. You can check out the WiFi model on the ZemiSmart website, as well as check out all of the company’s other HomeKit compatible Zigbee devices.