First Thread-Enabled Air Purifier Launches in Germany and The UK

Back in April, we reported on a forthcoming Thread-based air purifier that would be coming to the market, from a new brand called Airversa. The product, the Purelle Smart Air Purifier (AP2), has now been launched for preorder via the company’s website as well as on and with the listing on to follow shortly soon.

This latest device to feature Thread as its connection protocol is suitable for small to medium-sized rooms and comes with a pair of HEPA-13 filters as are found on many air purifiers now, with Bluetooth taking over as the connection protocol in the absence of a Thread Border Router (currently a HomePod Mini, or an Apple TV (2021 or later)). Additionally, as it’s a powered device, it has the capability to be used as a Thread Router, which in simple terms means it can help to extend the Thread Mesh network, which is something battery-operated Thread devices are not capable of.

Whilst the device works with HomeKit (exclusively at this point) and can be controlled from any HomeKit compatible app, the Purelle also has its own full set of manual controls via a touch-sensitive digital display at the top of the device. All manner of operations can be performed from this display, including the basics, like power, as well as delayed power off, via a timer function, fan speed, a child lock to prevent the Purelle from being controlled without your permission, sleep mode, which turns all lights on the unit off, and filter life indicators. All of these controls are arranged around the central part of the display that shows the particulate matter levels (PM2.5) in the surrounding air. This is backed up with an LED ring that changes colour when air quality changes.

Whilst the Purelle doesn’t offer any groundbreaking features, because it uses Thread, it is just one more device to free up your possibly overburdened router, due to the fact that still most products of this and other types rely on 2.4GHz Wifi when it’s usually not necessary. This alone is one reason we’re excited to see this product come to market for HomeKit.

The Airversa Purelle is available on for £179.99, and for €189.99.