Nanoleaf Announce Limited Edition ‘Ultra Black’ Triangles

To celebrate their 10-year ‘Nanoversary’ (their word, not mine…), Smart lighting company Nanoleaf are releasing limited edition Ultra Black Shapes. The Shapes in question are the triangle, mini-triangle, and hexagon light panels the company are known for, although with this limited edition release, only the regular-sized triangles are available.

The normal triangle light panels have an off-white look to them when the LEDs are not active, but in the case of these ‘Ultra Black’ shapes, they’re…black! The Smarter Kit is selling for US$219.99, which includes the power supply, controller, and 9 panels, whilst an extension pack containing just three panels is available for US$69.99. Both are only available via the company’s own online store.

You can check out their promo video to see how you feel about large panels of black on your walls – at least when they’re off.