Thread-Enabled Qingping Sensor Released in China – EU/US in 2023

It has been a good while since evidence of the Thread-enabled version of Qingping‘s popular temperature and humidity sensor was first uncovered, but it looks like the wait will soon be over. The company is now selling this device in China for RMB199 (roughly US$28 / UK£24 / €27).

The temperature and humidity sensor, which is now in its third iteration, and despite the design not having actually changed outwardly at all (if it ain’t broke…?), now features Thread and Bluetooth for connectivity, with Bluetooth used for initial setup and Thread for communication via a Thread Border Router (HomePod Mini, Apple TV 2021, Apple TV 2022 (128Gb).

The first version – with Bluetooth – was only compatible with Mi Home, Xiaomi’s own smart home platform, with the second version adding HomeKit support, whilst still retaining Bluetooth, and now onto the third-gen with Thread support. The device features a large circular E-ink display and is powered by one CR2430 coin battery. It also comes with a magnetic wall mount, as well as a built-in desktop stand.

We’ve been informed that the device is capable of being updated for Matter compatibility, which – when the company are ready – should appear as a firmware update via the company’s own excellent Qingping+ app.

As regards availability outside of China, we’re told that the sensor should appear on Amazon Germany next week – sometime after the new year, with the US to follow in early February. Whilst the newest version uses Thread, both previous versions function exactly the same, in essence. You can check out our video below for more details on the previous HomeKit-Bluetooth version;