Onvis Thread-Enabled Contact Sensor Now Available (pre-order)

We’re always excited when it comes to new products using Thread, even if they’re something more functional, like a contact sensor – which is exactly what Onvis has released on Amazon.com today. The update to the company’s original Bluetooth contact sensor is now listed on Amazon in the Us, although it won’t actually be available to purchase until January 1st 2023, considering Thread products sell well at this time, it might be a good idea to place a pre-order anyway. The CT3 is selling for US$29.99, or US$45.99 for a double pack.

The only other contact sensor currently on the market to use Thread is the Eve Door & Window, which along with Thread, is now also Matter compatible via Eve’s early access beta program. The Eve Door & Window is available for US$39.95 on Amazon, so for an extra US$5, you can get two Onvis sensors, although Eve is currently offering 20% off the list price, bringing the price of a single Eve sensor to just US$31.96.

As with all contact sensors, the CT3 comes in two halves, with the smaller section housing a simple magnet. The main body (and brains) of the device is housed in the larger half, which also contains a single CR2450 coin battery. The company said the battery should last approximately 12 months.

One final thing to note is that Onvis seems to have taken on board some of the criticisms of the previous iteration, namely the company logo emblazoned quite largely across the sensor. The CT3 now sports a much smaller logo, which just goes to show that some companies do listen.

As regards other regional Amazon stores, the CT3 isn’t currently listed, as far as we can tell, but like most of their other product, it’ll almost certainly make an appearance in European stores soon.