Orvibo Bringing Matter to Three Lighting Products

It’s probably fair to say many of our readers will not have heard of the smart home company Orvibo, but that may soon change with three products that have now been listed on the website for the CSA (the Connectivity Standards Alliance), the organisation responsible for certifying products for Matter compliance and compatibility.

The three devices in question are the MixPad D1, a smart switch with a full-colour display in place of a regular switch, a Smart Wall Lamp designed to be angled via its built-in pivoted joint, and a more regular Smart Dimmer Switch, using a standard toggle mechanism. Of the three devices, only the wall lamp doesn’t appear to be available at this time, with both switches already available on Amazon.com, although it should be pointed out that these devices have yet to receive the necessary firmware update to make them Matter-compatible.

These are the first of a few products the company – based in Shenzhen – has brought to the US, so it’ll be interesting to see what other products make it to international markets. A quick look at their website reveals a plethora of devices, many of which may well never get released beyond China’s borders. However, it’s always good to see more products, especially from companies that are seemingly taking on board Matter as the standard going forward.