Smartmi Unveil Standing Fan for HomeKit

with the very recent announcement that the company are releasing the new air purifier E1, Smartmi has now unveiled yet another new device, this time the new Smartmi Air Circulator Fan which has just surfaced on their website.

This device once again focuses on some special features; The fan head not only moves vertically but also automatically horizontally, providing all-round air circulation. Or as Smartmi refers to it, “AI-based dynamic breeze”.

In addition, thanks to an integrated rechargeable battery, the WiFi-based fan can be in use wirelessly for up to 24 hours, although at maximum level, it’ll last for around two hours. The magnetic charging pad conveniently reconnects the fan to power.

The fan’s features can be controlled via the 2.4 GHz wireless remote control, as well as via Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Of particular interest to HomeKit users, although the new Smartmi recirculating fan isn’t the first standing fan to work with the Apple ecosystem (that honour goes to the Airmate SA35195R Smart Fan), it will be the only one available, since the aforementioned Airmate was discontinued a long time ago.

Since Smartmi only marks many devices as “Coming soon” on its own website without further information about availability, we’re hoping to see this become available in time for purchase before summer 2023. According to the early information, the price should be around EU€250 or US$250.