Updated TP-Link/Kasa Matter Smart Plug Surfaces

Since late 2022, and on into 2023 we’ve already seen a lot of announcements for Matter-enabled devices, many of which are brand new versions of existing products. TP-Link have already released a smart plug with Matter as part of the Tapo brand, but the company also have their Kasa lineup of devices, some of which received HomeKit compatibility (confusing much?).


Now an FCC filing has surfaced with an update to the Kasa Smart Plug Mini, but with Matter certification. This updated plug, now seemingly renamed the Kasa Smart plug Slim also has a new model number – KP125M – the current HomeKit model uses KP125 as its model number.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the newer model looks exactly the same as the current one, which is small enough for two to sit next to each other in a double wall outlet, along with the same square LED fixture surrounding the power button on one side. It also utilises 2.4GHz WiFi as standard. This plug will already be joining a small but growing list of Matter smart plugs, that include the aforementioned Tapo smart plug, and Meross‘ own offering, as well as a forthcoming plug from Onvis that’ll come in US, EU, and UK variants, all using Thread. Speaking of Thread, the update to convert the Eve Energy smart plug to Matter is available in Beta form, making it the only Thread-enabled and Matter-compatible smart plug at this point.  When the plug will be released is not certain, although as it’s with the FCC, it can’t be too far off.

Note: Even though as is normally the case with FCC filing setup pictures (see HERE), in this case, I’ve not posted any of the images, as the tests appear to use the casing for the current HomeKit model, so I’ve not used them here, to avoid any possible confusion.