Nanoleaf Release Limited Edition Cherry Blossom Hexagons

Nanoleaf has quietly released a limited edition Cherry Blossom Heaxagons Starter Kit to coincide with Cherry Blossom Season in Japan (mid to late March). As this is celebrated in Japan for the most part, this themed starter kit is only available in Japan.

The tiles themselves are actually no different to the tiles available elsewhere other than the admittedly beautifully designed cherry blossom graphics added to each of the nine tiles in the pack. It would seem that the Nanoleaf app also comes with specific themes to go with the limited edition tiles to enhance the graphics.

The tiles are still capable of the full range of 16 million colours, but as you can see from the images above, pastel themes seem to work best. The Cherry Blossom Starter pack is available exclusively on Apple’s Japanese website, priced at ¥31,800, incl. tax.


Speaking of ‘themes’, with the recent addition of MLS (Major League Soccer) to Apple TV, and with the upcoming third season of the very popular TV series Ted Lasso, now might be a good time to look into getting some Nanoleaf tiles to represent your favourite soccer team’s colours, or just show some love to AFC Richmond, the fictional team of the series. Due to Nanoleaf’s plethora of colour themes available via the company’s own app, you can simply type in the name of your favourite team (Los Angeles Galaxy, New York City FC etc) and a theme will come up to represent the teams’ strip. Besides Nanoeaf Hexagons and Shapes, these themes can also be applied to Nanoleaf Essentials Strips and Bulbs, as well as their more recent ‘Lines’, so there are a lot of ways to show your support!

Thanks to Youichi Kusakabe for the find.