Mysa Release Budget-Friendly Baseboard Thermostat

Canadian based Mysa has announced the newest addition to its range, with a budget-friendly version of their popular baseboard thermostat.

The new model, dubbed the Mysa Smart Thermostat LITE is designed for homes that use baseboard heating, coming in at just US$109, compared to the standard model priced at US$149.

For the price reduction, one of the changes is that instead of touchscreen control, you get physical buttons to adjust the temperature, although the full priced model also appears to have additional features for monitoring energy not present in the ‘Lite’ model.

The good news is that the new device is still compatible with Apple Home, as well as the other main platforms, using 2.4GHz WiFi for connectivity.

There’s no word on Matter for any of the company’s products at this time, and whether they may at some point move other to Thread, perhaps, but with continued support for Apple Home, these things can wait.

Another change regarding Mysa and it’s products is that they are now in the process of setting up the option to buy outside of North America, so customers in the EU will soon be able to buy and use them too.

You can order the Mysa Thermostat Lite from the company’s website now.

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