Smartwings Officially Launches Matter Over Thread Blind Options

What seems to be the first official instance of roller blinds with not only Matter compatibility but with Thread too, Smartwings has now officially launched their own line of smart blinds to use Matter over Thread. The company previously offered HomeKit over Thread, along with specific (legacy) options for Amazon, Google, SmartThings, and Z-Wave setups, but with the introduction of their Matter offering, the new blinds will work with all the major ecosystems via Matter, and more importantly, will work totally locally as opposed to any use of a cloud-based connection.

Currently, their Matter over Thread lines are limited to the roller shades and dual roller shades, but the company are working towards bringing this option to their other blinds options, including outdoor, Zebra, and cellular shades, for example.

Smartwings offer custom blinds, so the type of blinds, specific dimensions, choice of materials, colour and even what kind of valance (if any) you might want are all down to your own preferences. Although this means the price will be higher than you’d typically find from outlets like Ikea, you will be getting exactly what you want, not what the store sells. With Matter over Thread, you also get the double whammy of the newest smart home standard for relative futureproofing, but also Thread as opposed to WiFi that takes some of the strain off a sometimes overburdened home network.

You can check out our written review of the Matter over Thread blinds HERE, or watch our overview video below. You can order directly from the company’s website today, which also provides free worldwide shipping on all orders.

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